Disability can impact every aspect of living from the personal to the political.

Disability reverberates through us all. It confronts our ideas about inclusion and exclusion, powerful and powerless, community and autonomy.

Disability can trigger our most primitive fears. Disability can fuel our deepest anger. Disability can inspire our greatest passions.
Living with a disability in an ableist culture means countering closely-held assumptions of what it is to be strong, attractive, free, sexual or human.

As people with disabilities, our relationship to these themes changes across time. Our sense of identity, our relationships and our connections to our communities are shaped as our sense of meaning around disability shifts and evolves.

As activists and advocates for access and equality, there are often few places to go to replenish our enthusiasm.

We may not be seeking help or resources due to disability concerns, but we are absolutely entitled to services that are not founded in ableist assumptions. We are entitled to services that are responsive to every aspect of who we are in the world.

The Meeting Point offers services informed by disability and alert to the distinct needs and strengths of every person. We also offer trainings and workshops to perpetuate insight into ableism and the tools to counter it. We can offer a deeper and more complex understanding of the impact of disability on all of our lives.