Mindfulness at TMP

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Our own Marlo Pedroso is starting a Mindfulness Drop-In Group starting on March 13th. He’s also running a wonderful Monday evening Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course at Hope Central Church in Jamaica Plain. More information about that course is here: http://emergenceprojectboston.com/mindfulness-based-stress-reduction-course-boston/

New Mindfulness Drop-in Series Starting at The Meeting Point

These workshops are open to new and experienced practitioners looking for community to support and enliven their mindfulness practice. Mindfulness practice is a wonderful way to better manage stress, increase compassion for oneself and others, and better cope with mental and physical distress. Facilitated by Meeting Point therapist Marlo Pedroso, LICSW.
March 13/Mindfulness Meditation, a Path of Presence and Healing: Join us in exploring the unique and transformative aspects of mindfulness, and see how it can increase presence, ease, and insight. What does mindfulness offer that is different from psychology or most self-help strategies?
April 10/Kindness and Compassion: Learn compassion practices that can help you meet your shadows without shame, with skill, by creating conditions for transformation, confidence, and healing. Practice and learn means to cultivate self-acceptance and the conditions for deep changes.

For more information about Marlo Pedroso or the course: www.emergenceprojectboston.com.