Briget Evans, MSW, LICSW

“When there is no enemy within,                                                                

the enemies outside cannot hurt you” ~ African Proverb               

     I truly believe that where there is self-love, there is absolute contentment. I am an actively engaged interactive clinician and am enthusiastic about working in partnership with my clients. Creating a therapeutic alliance is everything! Using a strength-based, empowering therapeutic style, together, we will set an intention to identify unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have adversely impacted your life. Through the utilization of a myriad of cognitive, behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches, treatment is customized to improve your quality of life. You will begin to move up and out of that which no longer serves you.

     Maybe you’re unclear as to why you continually find yourself in unhealthy relational patterns, why you’ve struggled with launching your dream career or why you’re irritable or sad a lot of the time. Perhaps you have some understanding of your unhealthy thoughts and behaviors but find yourself feeling stuck when you attempt to change your life’s direction. Whatever challenges and decisions you are facing and wherever you are on your life’s path, you don’t have to continue the journey alone. I can meet you where you’re at. I partner with you reach the next destination of your choosing.  

     For over 20 twenty years I have worked in the Roxbury, Dorchester, Hyde Park and Cambridge communities serving individuals, adolescents and families. I have an extensive background with providing clinical support with those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, toxic relationships, parenting, and life transitions such as separation/divorce, changes in families and homelessness. I’m a cultural competence clinician who enjoys working with adolescents,  individuals and women raising children independently.

     I’ve recently launched an organization, Imara Therapeutics(IT). Meaning resilient in Swahili, the mission of IT is to assist families in finding their “Imara” by drawing upon the unique strengths of each family. Through the fostering of collaborative alliances with Boston area family shelters, IT offers individual and family counseling, workshops and services to meet the needs of homeless


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