CarmenLeah Ascencio


CarmenLeah Ascencio, LICSW, MPH, RYT, CPC

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As you desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed, so is your destiny.” – The Upanishads


As a therapist it is my deepest desire to support clients not only to heal and alleviate distress, but also to discover purpose and passion that makes them feel alive.



I am a mind-body therapist, life-coach, trauma-sensitive yoga teacher and community theater facilitator. I have a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Health from Boston University. I have extensive experience working with survivors of violence and abuse (including sex-trafficking), social justice activists, college students, people of color, LGBQT people, immigrants and refugees, people who work in the sex industry, and people in BDSM & polyamorous communities. As a queer Latina working in a field where there are few therapists of color and fewer queer therapists of color, it is my mission to provide socially/politically conscious, trauma-informed, therapy to people of color and queer and trans people of color.


My approach

I believe that all people have the wisdom and resources to heal and be well within them. My job as a therapist is to help people access their wisdom and inner resources to heal. I help people access this wisdom through mind-body therapy and nature based walk and talk therapy. At this time, I am only taking clients interested in mind-body therapy at my office in Roslindale.

In general, mind-body therapy comprises a diverse variety of therapeutic practices, which address the interdependent relationship between physical and mental health, and integrate physical and psychological healing methods into therapy. Mind-body therapy centers the body’s wisdom in helping heal emotional and psychological distress. My mind-body therapy practice combines yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, gentle physical assists, and reiki, with verbal processing from my psychotherapy framework. You do not need any experience with yoga to try mind-body therapy. This approach taps into the wisdom and truth of your body and helps get you unstuck from the stories and limiting patterns of your mind. My mind-body therapy practices are rooted in my training in Kripalu Yoga, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, clinical social work, life-coaching, mindfulness and meditation. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and will vary depending on your needs that given day.

Mind-Body Therapy can help:

  1. Alleviate stress, anxiety and depression
  2. Develop skills to not only manage psychological distress, but also address the root cause of your symptoms
  3. Process and release trauma from the body
  4. Get you “unstuck” from repetitive stories, thought patterns and behaviors that are not serving you
  5. Escape analytical thinking and intellectualization that can prevent you from discovering your true needs and healing emotional wounds
  6. Discover your own innate wisdom and capacity to heal
  7. Find peace, acceptance and clarity

To learn more about whether or not mind-body therapy is right for you, please visit my website:

My mental health specialties

  • Trauma (including, but not limited to, healing from sexual violence and abuse, partner abuse, childhood abuse and neglect, commercial sexual exploitation/sex-trafficking, civil war, and persecution)
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity and expression
  • Self-care and sustainability in social justice activism
  • Finding passion and purpose
  • Emotional distress related to oppression, such as racism, sexism, classism, homo and transphobia, immigration status, etc.


Information & Initial Session

Please e-mail me* for more information at:



A good relationship match is central to effective therapy. Our first session will serve as a consultation so that I can learn about you and your needs and so that you can ask me questions and learn about my therapeutic approach to make sure we are a good match. If either of us feels that we are not a good match, I can assist you with finding an appropriate referral.


*Please note that e-mail is not a secure method of communication and you should wait to speak with me over the phone or in person if you would like to share anything confidential. That said, I do reply to email inquiries much faster than voicemails due to the constraints of my schedule.


Insurance and Fees

I am currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. For prospective clients who do not have BCBS, check with your health insurance provider to see if you have any out-of-network benefits. If you do have out-of-network benefits, I can provide the required paperwork in order to be reimbursed for out of pocket session fees. To learn more about what questions to ask if you are trying to find out if you have out of network benefits please refer to my website:


If you are interested in paying for therapy out of pocket, please e-mail me for rates.