Natalie Archer, Lic. AC

     Natalie is a licensed acupuncturist excited to provide services to those in search of holistic healing modalities. Natalie grew up in the woods of Western Massachusetts. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition form the University of Vermont and a passion for food and healing. In her journey to nurture and serve humanity, Natalie came across acupuncture. The decision to give life to such a beautiful and ancient form of healing came naturally.

     After three years of extensive graduate level training and clinical work at the New England School, Natalie has gained a deep passion and understanding of holistic health. She recognizes that optimum health looks different for everyone and will work with your individual needs to help guide your body towards a balanced state. Natalie is currently a resident of Jamaica Plain, ready to serve her community.

     Acupuncture is an ancient form of Eastern medicine which works on an energetic level to help facilitate healing. Acupuncture is both gentle and powerful. Unlike internal medicine, acupuncture signals the body to heal without putting any substances into it. For this reason, there are no major side effects like those found in pharmaceuticals.

     Natalie specializes in Japanese style acupuncture. Japanese acupuncture uses gentle needling techniques to assist energetic flow in the body. Energetic blockages manifest in a wide variety of ailments: physical, mental and emotional. By inserting tiny needles in specific points along the body’s meridians, these blockages can be released leading to better health. In addition to tiny needles, Natalie use techniques such as cupping, gua sha and moxabustion in treatments.

Commonly Treated Complaints:


 Boost immune system/ prevent and expel common cold


IBS/digestive distress


Women’s Health (menopause/hot flashes & night sweats, menstrual regulation, cramping etc.)

Back pain, sciatica, knee pain, neck pain, TJM any pain

Allergies/Asthma/ sinus relief




and many more!


 “I whole-heartedly recommend Natalie as an acupuncture practitioner.  She has approached each treatment I have received  from her with kindness and an astute listening ear.  Many times, she has made connections from my self-reporting of pain or  discomfort that I would be unable to draw myself.  She has worked primarily with me on my scoliosis, stress-induced tension  and back pain.  After each treatment I have left feeling taller, more in-tune with my body and with significant less pain.  Please consider visiting Natalie for her compassionate and informed acupuncture care.”        

“Natalie has a calm and healing energy. After a treatment with her I feel relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommend  Natalie to anyone who wants a balanced and healthy state of being. After one treatment you will have a relaxed and  peaceful state of mind.”

“When I have any aches, anxious thoughts, sinus pressure or even a spike in my seasonal allergy symptoms, I seek    Natalie’s treatment for a swift recovery. But the benefits from ongoing acupuncture therapy have allowed me to live a more  stress-free and pain-free everyday life. Natalie gives her patients and her treatments every ounce of care and attention.  Natalie will work with you to make you feel comfortable and relaxed about the treatment. Natalie is without a doubt born to  be a healer, and it shows in her work.”


Sliding Scale $60-80/ 1hr session

*At this point Natalie is not accepting insurance, though she hopes to in the near future. It is part of her personal mission to make acupuncture accessible. If someone cannot afford sessions Natalie will do her best to work out a way for them to still receive treatment.

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