Queer Issues

Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Queer Identified Folk

We are a large and diverse community with complex needs and often unseen or undervalued resources.

Many of us do not seek or need services simply because we are lesbian, gay, transgender, or queer, but we all need and deserve services that recognize and respond to us for all of who we are. The Meeting Point offers services in a context that is knowledgeable and safe

By virtue of our survival in a heterosexist culture, we are an extraordinary people. We have endured models of psychological health that diagnose us. We have abided by traditions that reject us, and we have embraced norms that render us silent and invisible.

In the face of these constraints, our connections to each other teach us about ourselves. Our connections shape the way that we move through the world. It is in our connections that we access the joy and truth of our own being.

The Meeting Point offers services that are informed by lesbian, gay and transgender ways of living. In workshops, individual, and couples therapy, and groups we strive to cultivate the very strengths and uniquenesses that have sustained us.

Our services are based on the convictions that:

  • All people are entitled to self definition and self expression.
  • All people are entitled to meaningful participation in the community.
  • All people are entitled to the expression and validation of our significant relationships.
  • And all people are entitled to services that are informed and responsive to all of who we are.