• The Meeting Point is a collaboration of independent body workers and mental health practitioners. We know that there are many ways to heal and grow. We know that it can be difficult to access the resources you need to cultivate your own strength and well being.
  • At TMP We provide multi-dimensional resources responsive to your needs.
  • We offer individual, couples, relationship, group and family services. We also offer workshops and consultation. We provide personalized body work services individually and in small groups that includes yoga, acupuncture and massage.
  • We offer therapy that supports your sense of self, your growth and your healing through connection and relationship with an awareness of the culture, community and social consciousness contexts that inform your experience in the world
  • We explore and respond to your needs and we support your family and relationship structures.
  • We are a resource for gender variant youth and families, gender queer and transgender adults and loved ones, lesbian, gay and queer people, relationships and families.
  • We also provide meaningful and informed services to people who have survived trauma, and people with physical and psychiatric disabilities.
  • We offer unique intervention and treatment strategies.
  • We can provide some services in Spanish.

Coming up at The Meeting Point:

Powerful Play Wednesdays 6-7pm